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The UMW Apartments on William Street used to be a privately owned apartment complex before the University bought them. The apartments are for upperclassmen that have 60 or more credits. “They provide the opportunity for 350 junior and senior students to experience apartment-style living while enjoying all of the amenities of on-campus living.”1 The one-bedroom apartments house two individuals; the two-bedroom apartments house three individuals, and the three-bedroom apartments house four individuals.2

Apartments at UMW, November 5, 2003

Apartments at UMW, November 5, 2003
Lou Cordero, "Apartments at UMW," November 5, 2003, UMW Archives, University of Mary Washington.

UMW Apartments, February 23, 2014

UMW Apartments, February 23, 2014
Jessica Reingold, "UMW Apartments," February 23, 2014, Personal Collection of Jessica Reingold, University of Mary Washington.



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