University of Mary Washington Then & Now

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Arrington was built in 1994, near Alvey. Dubbed “New Dorm” in its early days, the dormitory was officially named after Arabelle Laws Arrington, Class of 1941, who was an avid supporter of Mary Washington. It too helped relieve overcrowding pressures in many of the other residence halls across campus. It is almost an exact copy of its neighbor Alvey Hall, which was built in 1989. The 148-room dorm has a more modern style than some of the older residence halls and includes features such as air-conditioning. Arrington holds the unique position of being “the last dormitory constructed on campus in the College’s  first century.”1

Arrington Then Resized

Construction of Arrington Hall, 1993
"Construction of Arrington Hall," February 1993, UMW Archives, University of Mary Washington.

Arrington Now Resized

Arrington Hall, 2014
Alexandria Parrish, "Arrington Hall," March 21, 2014, Personal Collection of Alexandria Parrish. University of Mary Washington.



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