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Virginia Hall, named after the Commonwealth of Virginia, was constructed in 1915 and is the second oldest residence hall on the campus.1 The building was an integral part of the “Daisy Chain” tradition. A chain consisting of thousands of daisies was carried on the shoulders of two-year diploma graduates during Class Day ceremonies. Virginia Hall served as the ultimate resting place for the chain, where it was to remain throughout the graduation ceremonies. This tradition continued through 1942, after which date the school stopped awarding two-year diplomas.2

Additional wings were added to the building in two stages, giving the dormitory the H shape seen today.3 Virginia houses approximately 183 female students of all  different classes.4


Virginia Hall

Virginia Hall 2014
Alexandria Parrish, "Virginia Hall 2014," February 19, 2014, Personal Collection of Alexandria Parrish, University of Mary Washington.

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