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Jepson Science Center was opened in April 1998, and became the home of the departments of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and environmental science. These science departments were previously housed in Combs Hall on the opposite end of campus, but by the 1990s had become too large to be housed there. Jepson was originally to be built facing Simpson Library along Campus Walk, but was moved to its position near Alvey and Arrington Halls due to difficulties with the planned site. The construction of the new science center, a major boost to Mary Washington, was helped in large part by Robert and Alice Jepson. The Jepsons had previously funded a major faculty fellowship program and provided more aid in the creation of the science center, which now bears their name. Jepson Science Center is 72,000 square feet is size and features a computer lab, green house, and aquatic lab in addition to numerous classrooms and offices.1

Jepson Now Resized

Jepson, 2014
Alexandria Parrish, “Jepson,” February 19 2014, Personal Collection of Alexandria Parrish. University of Mary Washington.

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