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UMW purchased Framar House in 1946 from Dr. Frank H. Reichel and his wife Marion. The name of the building is a combination of Frank (Fra) and Marion (mar). The house was originally used as the president’s house until Brompton House replaced it in 1948, and thereafter was used as a dormitory residence. The original purchase from Dr. and Mrs. Reichel included the brick residence, a five-room guesthouse and garage, a swimming pool and picnic area, and a rose and boxwood garden as part of a seven and a half acre tract. The purchase was a vital addition to the school as it made the campus a contiguous unit. The house was mostly known as the “Spanish house” or “leadership house”. 1 In the late 1950s, Framar was one of the first dorms to partake in the volunteer, non credit seminars initiated by students and organized by philosophy professor George Von Sant. These seminars quickly became popular and many other residence buildings followed suit.  Today, Framar is the home of the International Living Center (ILC) and holds 21 students. 2


Framar House, 2014
Jessica Reingold, "Framar House," February 19, 2014, Personal Collection of Jessica Reingold, University of Mary Washington

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